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Life with Fiona the Pug

Her new life dog sitting will be a page where I will feature dogs. The dogs may be my own, or dogs that I sit. Now that I am retired, I am a full time dog sitter and would love to share heart-warming stories with you. My first featured dog will be our very own Princess Fiona the Pug. We are an avid Disney family and name all our dogs after Disney characters.

My daughter was going to be leaving for college for the first time and I got in my head that a pug would fill the hole in my heart. We had a pug years back that had died young of pancreatitis, and I wanted a fresh start with a new pug. I had been in search of a rescue pug, but had no luck finding one in my area. When my daughter was officially off to college I decided that perhaps Canine Corral the store where we had gotten my soul dog Gabby the chihuahua had pug puppies. It turned out they did, but my husband was adamant that he didn’t want to have 3 dogs again, but I tend to have the knack of getting my way.

When we got to the store they had brother and sister pug puppies- a black male and a fawn female. After watching them play and cuddling them, I knew we were going to have 3 dogs again, the question was whether it was going to be a black pug or fawn pug. We ended up with the female fawn because that was what my husband wanted. I was getting a pug like I wanted so I didn’t protest too much about my preference.

Pug puppies are notoriously cute, and Fiona was no different. She fit right in with her new siblings and her friendly personality made her instantly loved by everyone, especially my husband. The man that didn’t want a third dog was suddenly more enamored with Fiona than pretty much anything else in life. His constant devotion and the inability to believe that Fiona could do no wrong was very apparent.

Fiona is like most pugs in that she is very food oriented. She eats alone so that she doesn’t eat all the other dog’s food. She loves her treats and will go outside just so she can bark and in turn I have to beg her to come in. She has trained me to give her a treat or she will stay outside and bark until I do. Fiona also wants everyone else’s treats too and will bark in protest.

Sharing toys also isn’t one of her best traits. To Fiona all the toys are hers, especially the toy another dog is playing with. She does keep herself occupied playing with toys (which I’ve read means she’s intelligent), and she loves a good game of fetch.

All our holidays are more special with Fiona. Whenever it’s someone’s birthday we say it’s Fiona’s birthday again because she always seems to become the center of attention. Halloween is usually pretty funny, unlike most pugs, Fiona is not crazy about clothing. She just likes to wear her baby girl headband that I buy through Amazon. They make great decorative collars for Fiona who doesn’t seem to have much of a neck. Christmas is great taking pictures in front of the tree and of course Fiona thinks all the presents are for her. On July 4th Fiona loves to celebrate with a party hat and flag cake.

Our lives are forever enriched by Fiona. She sleeps in the arms of my husband every night, wakes me very early every morning for her breakfast and keeps us smiling throughout the day. We love Fiona the pug and could’t imagine life without her!

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I am a newly retired NYC public school teacher blogging about her new life. I’m living a happy retirement life on Long Island - dog sitting, traveling, and experimenting with new endeavors.

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