Find a Rainbow Day

During this time of uncertainty and crisis, I continue to see heartwarming activities, as I noted in Covid19 Culture. As America lives under quarantine and unable to live their ordinary lives, it’s important that we all stay positive.

As a retired teacher, I tend to think of the effect of all this on the kids and the importance of parents outlook at this time. No matter how they feel they must stay positive and express hope to their kids.

Well one wonderful activity I found is Find a Rainbow Day. I belong to a neighborhood group Salisbury/Westbury Mom & Dads Group, and last week I saw comments about how the kid’s distance learning assignment was to make rainbows. Many parents dismissed this and expressed concern about the validity of this assignment as not being very educational, but they were wrong. The kids were to make the rainbows, hang them in their windows, and go for a walk and hunt for rainbows.

I started taking long walks around the neighborhood not only to break up the monotony of it all, but for fresh air and exercise. Well as I was walking around I started seeing rainbows on my neighbor’s windows. I have to tell you this made me feel very happy, and I commented in the group about it, and many people shared the rainbow their kid had made. There was definitely a shift in their perspective about making the rainbows.

Yesterday I took a walk with my husband with the intent of taking pictures of all the rainbows that I could find. I went on my own Rainbow Hunt. I took a photo of each one so that I could post them to the group. Parents were pleased to see their child’s rainbow was displayed and I was sure to comment that their kids were truly making a difference in the world with their rainbows.

The local News 12 heard about these rainbows and came to our neighborhood to report on it. Apparently this initiative is county wide and as the news states it is a way to share some cheer. I’m always up for sharing some cheer, especially for children, so I went home and painted 7 rainbows for each panel on my front windows. I hope to make kids smile as they go on their Rainbow Hunt.

Remember to stay positive! You never know who you are inspiring!

Published by momrockzz

I am a newly retired NYC public school teacher blogging about her new life. I’m living a happy retirement life on Long Island - dog sitting, traveling, and experimenting with new endeavors.

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