Jones Beach Boardwalk

As a newly retired teacher on Long Island, I continue my quest for finding Things to do Near Me. During the Covid19 Pandemic, my college age daughter and I have taken up walking pretty long distances for exercise, and to break up the monotony of the quarantine lifestyle. We generally walk around the neighborhood keeping our distance from other people at all times. We have pretty much exhausted every direction and route in our Salisbury, N.Y. neighborhood. Last week we went to Mill Pond Park and walked the loop twice which was a wonderful way to social distance and get some fresh air at the same time. Yesterday we ventured out to the Jones Beach Boardwalk.

The Jones Beach Boardwalk in Wantagh, New York is about 4 miles in length. The trail end points are from Field 1 of Jones Beach State Park and Field 6 of Jones Beach State Park. Generally visitors park in Field 6 and start out on their walk which is also accessible for wheelchairs and bike riders.

During this time of social distancing, I found the Jones Beach Boardwalk to be a good choice. The Field 6 parking lot’s size doesn’t allow for huge crowds to make their way to the boardwalk. In addition, the boardwalk is very wide with natural social distancing caused by the center meridian. Walkers walk in an east and west direction, once again allowing for a natural way to social distance.

It was a great feeling strolling along the boardwalk with the blue skies, sunshine, and the cool salt air breeze. With a short drive we were able to escape the monotony of quarantine life with many other Long Islanders and keep our distance at the same time. We did see many people choosing to wear a face mask. For the first time I realized that wearing a mask steals your ability to smile at one another. I personally did not have a face mask on and would smile at people walking by. I could sense that they may be smiling back at me through the light I could see in their eyes. That made me feel a little sad and confirm to me that one day things will have to get back to normal.

Along our walk there were signs of the times. There was a pretty catchy slogan on a sign: Be Smart Stay 6 Feet Apart. You could find this sign along the boardwalk in many locations. There were also other signs of Closings and Do Not Enter all claiming to Stop the Spread of Covid-19.

In my quest to find Things to do Near Me, Jones Beach Boardwalk is a great option that I will be returning to many times over the next few months. I’m hoping as the weeks and months go by and the weather warms, things will get back to normal as we Long Islanders gather to stroll along our boardwalk.

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I am a newly retired NYC public school teacher blogging about her new life. I’m living a happy retirement life on Long Island - dog sitting, traveling, and experimenting with new endeavors.

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