Howe Caverns

When I was a teen in the early 1980s, I didn’t have instant access to answers to questions I had, or things I wondered about. My resources were my parents, the Encyclopedia Brittanica, and the local library; and these resources often weren’t very useful in answering my questions.

When my close friend bought her first used car when we were 17 it was the typical “first car” you had in those days. Pretty old and dated, no bells and whistles, just the basics. We didn’t care it got us some new found freedom and lots of good times.

One thing this old Chevy had was a bumper sticker that said, Howe Caverns. We had no idea what Howe Caverns was, and no one we asked knew either. Some nights we would walk from the boardwalk in a “fog” and pass by the car and giggle, “Howe Caverns” blissfully ignorant to what the heck that bumper sticker really meant.

Thirty something years later, I googled road trip/day trip ideas from Long Island. Wouldn’t you know it, what would come up on the list was Howe Caverns! I chuckled and was back in time for a few moments.

That was last year long before the pandemic. When I read how long the drive was I kind of lost interest for a day trip, but I finally knew that Howe Caverns was a very popular tourist attraction where you explored a cave. It stated it had a motel and pool but the whole idea just went by the wayside.

This year is the year of the road trip! My husband and I decided that we were going to go to Cooperstown for a couple of days. When I researched Things to do in Cooperstown wouldn’t you know it, Howe Caverns came up on the list! When I brought it up to my husband he laughed and said a friend mentioned to him that we should check it out because its on the way to Cooperstown.

Howe Caverns is in rural Schoharie County, New York. The exact address is 255 Discovery Drive, Howes Cave, NY. It literally is Howes Cave NY because there really isn’t anything else in the area.

It took us little more than 3 hours from Long Island to get there. They were very organized and I was surprised how popular this place really was. They have a tour every 15 minutes and they were booked. Of course the number of people were curtailed from the norm to allow for social distancing. As we waited for our tour we took a walk around, and the motel, pool, and restaurant definitely weren’t up to my usually vacation standards, but we did have a good time on our tour!

We had an entertaining young man as our tour guide. His comedy was kind of like being on the Jungle Cruise at Disney World. We learned how Mr. Howe discovered the cave, toured the cave admiring the wonders that have been formed from years of erosion, and even had a fun boat ride. All in all we had a good time.

I personally wouldn’t recommend Howe Caverns as your only destination. We went on our way to Cooperstown and I’m sure there are countless places in upstate NY you could visit before or after your trip to Howe Caverns. From what I saw, I wouldn’t recommend an overnight stay. They did have a nice gift shop if you wanted a souvenir and the large chocolate chip cookies looked pretty good.

They do have some haunted Halloween events coming up which I would imagine would be pretty scary in the cave. I would do that if I was passing through on my way to or from somewhere else.

At least the mystery is solved and I now know what Howe Caverns is. The pandemic was definitely good for bringing back the great American road trip.

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I am a newly retired NYC public school teacher blogging about her new life. I’m living a happy retirement life on Long Island - dog sitting, traveling, and experimenting with new endeavors.

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