Cape May and Angel of the Sea

Now that I’m retired, one of my life goals is to visit one beach at a time. I do have my local beaches on Long Island which are beautiful, and in the past year I traveled to some really nice beaches in the Caribbean, but things are different now.

I was looking for a quick getaway with my daughter and with Covid that means road trip. We either like beaches or amusement parks, and amusement parks are definitely not the greatest choice at the moment.

I was scrolling through my Instagram one afternoon and an advertisement for Angel of the Sea came up. It is a bed and breakfast in Cape May, New Jersey. I did my research using Google and Tripadvisor and we decided to check it out. It advertised being steps away from the beach and boardwalk and had quite a few amenities.

It’s an easy drive from New York along the Garden State Parkway to Cape May. It took us a little more than 3 hours. As we arrived, I quickly felt reminiscent of my childhood growing up in Rockaway Beach, New York. The town looked how Rockaway did many years ago with the large Victorian homes.

We were early of course for check- in so we decided to take a stroll on the main drag Beach Avenue where you have the boardwalk on the seaside with some shops and eateries, and homes, restaurants, shops, motels, and hotels on the opposite side. We just loved this first walk down this strip exploring. We probably walked back in forth about ten times in our 4 day stay. We discovered quaint little surf shops, eateries and even a couple of mini golf places which I always seem to find on vacation. We got an ice coffee and snack and headed back to get some sun on the beach.

Angel of the Sea provides chairs and towel and you pay a $5 fee per day for a beach pass as you enter the beach. The beach is large and very clean. We found it very easy to social distance with our chairs close to the shore. Again I was reminiscent of my childhood in Rockaway. The beach atmosphere was very much the same.

Couples were playing frisbee and Kadima. Kids were digging and building sand castles and other structures, and there were a lot of boogie boards. The ocean was great! The waves were what we use to call “Dive or Die” waves. You either went under, rode the wave in, or got knocked over. FUN!

Also as you sat on the shore planes flew by with their advertisements for everything under the sun. I haven’t seen those planes in years. There were speedboats, party boats, jet skiers galore. It was an overall happening scene.

Angel of the Sea was a pleasant surprise! Our room was a 3rd floor walk up Victorian themed and perfect for a mother-daughter stay with a scenic porch steps away. Everyday we had a delicious breakfast where we had choices for our entree. I tend to choose the one with the most carbs when I’m on vacation. We had all the juice, coffee, and fruit and breakfast pastries our heart desired.

In the afternoon they have tea and pastries, but I was very happy to find out you can have coffee too. This was perfect after a day at the beach. In the evening, they have antipasto and wine! This was great! A couple of glasses of Moscato and some salty hors d’ oeuvres really hit the spot. The service was so efficient and pleasant and the best part was the outdoor seating on the Angel of the Sea porch with the salt air and scenery.

Our nights were filled with long walks, seaside outdoor dining restaurants, ice cream and of course mini- golf.

There’s a great shopping area called the Washington Street Mall. There’s plenty of souvenir shops, specialty shops, food and drink.

Cape May is the kind of place where you can eat at pizza places like Carney’s and reasonably priced restaurants like Mermaids or you can eat at the $60 per person or live lobster joints. You can get ice cream and falafel at Seaview Beach Eats or walk up lobster rolls and Italian ices. Cape May is great for whatever kind of vacation you’re looking for.

Of course one night we went on the beach to take the classic Cape May lifeboat and lifeguard chair photos.

There was plenty more to do in Cape May. We were provided with bicycles but unfortunately my daughter isn’t the greatest rider, so we walked the backstreets exploring the different Victorian homes. They have trolley tours and horse and carriage rides. You can climb the infamous lighthouse or visit the historic district.

I highly recommend Cape May and Angel of the Sea for a beach vacation. In the year of the road trip, I’m glad we found this gem. My daughter and I will have fond memories of our trip to Cape May!

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I am a newly retired NYC public school teacher blogging about her new life. I’m living a happy retirement life on Long Island - dog sitting, traveling, and experimenting with new endeavors.

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