Cooperstown, New York

Last month my husband and I took a road trip to Cooperstown, New York. It is a great little town and we really enjoyed our two night stay there. On the way to Cooperstown, you pass right by Howe Caverns so we figured we might as well plan a pit stop there. It was definitely a one time thing, but fun.

This would be our first time staying in a Bed and Breakfast in our 30 year marriage. We thought it would be fun to try now that we were traveling without kids. When we arrived at the Landmark Inn we were very happy with its outward appearance. We figured we give checking in a shot, but soon learned that B&Bs are not hotels. Check in time was FIRM!

We drove over to Main Street which is literally Main Street USA! God Bless America all the way! I instantly fell in love. We strolled around Main Street to get a sense of things and wandered down some side streets and discovered Lake Front Park on Otsego Lake. We had a great lunch at Cooley’s Stone House Tavern. Indoor dining had pretty much just returned to Cooperstown , and you could tell the employees were very happy about that.

After lunch we decided to head over to play mini golf which was a short straight drive down Chestnut Avenue since it was still too early for checkin at the B&B. We thought Barnyard Swing was the greatest mini golf site! Not only was it a fun and challenging course, the best classic rock hits of all time streamed through the large speakers as we made our way from one hole to the next. We liked it so much we actually came back the next day to play again!

Finally it was time to check in. We learned that our room was actually not in the house but around back. We had a Key West theme room which had a separate entrance and porch. It was a little disappointing to find out that we wouldn’t have a daily cleaning service, afternoon tea and cookies, and evening wine. Apparently, the coronavirus was the reason. We accepted that, but when I went to Cape May with my daughter a week later, Angel of the Sea managed to clean our room and have the afternoon tea, cookies, wine and antipasto.

Like I said, this was our first B&B and we didn’t know any better. The breakfast didn’t options and the serving was so small we had lunch both days of our stay. Lunch was not needed at my Cape May stay.

On our full day in Cooperstown we went to the Hall of Fame, the Fenimore Art Museum, and wandered around the Cooperstown neighborhood, played mini golf, ate at the best Northern Italian restaurant, Northern Italian Grill and got ice-cream.

The Hall of Fame is fun for the whole family. Its great for baseball fans of course, but it really is a great place to see American history and American Heroes.

The Fenimore Art Museum is right on Otsego Lake. It’s a great museum on beautiful grounds. It’s definitely worth a visit.

The Northern Italian Grill is a must do! Kind of dream of living in this beautiful town and eating here on Saturday nights! Perfect place!

On the morning before we drove home we visited the Doubleday Field and the Main Street Bakery. Every Little Leaguer dreams of playing on this field. The bakery is truly like stepping back in time to Main Street USA. The people who live here are fortunate to be able to frequent this establishment regularly.

We really love this town and will have fond memories of our getaway.

Cooperstown Notable Names

William Cooper, was a wealthy land speculator, county judge, and father of novelist James Fenimore Cooper. The village of Cooperstown on Lake Otsego in central New York is a shrine to pure Americana, the home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. *Source Wikipedia

It was incorporated as the “Village of Otsego” on April 3, 1807. The name was changed to “Village of Cooperstown June 12, 1812, after the founder. William Cooper was appointed as a county judge in the late 18th century and was elected to the state assembly from Otsego County. *Source Wikipedia

Otsego Lake takes its name from the Iroquois Indians, who inhabited the area around the lake in and before the 17th century. The name Otsego is from a Mohawk word meaning “place of the rock”, referring to the large boulder near the lake’s outlet, today known as Council Rock. *Source Wikipedia

James Fenimore Cooper (September 15, 1789 – September 14, 1851) was an American writer of the first half of the 19th century. His historical romances depicting frontier and Native American life from the 17th to the 19th centuries created a unique form of American Literature. He lived much of his boyhood and the last fifteen years of life in Cooperstown, New York which was founded by his father William on property that he owned. *Source Wikipedia

The Doubleday myth refers to the belief that the sport of baseball was invented in 1839 by future American Civil War general Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York. In response to a dispute over whether baseball originated in the United States or was a variation of the British game, rounders the Mill Commission was formed in 1905 to seek out evidence. Mining engineer Abner Graves authored a letter claiming that Doubleday invented baseball. The letter was published in a newspaper and eventually used by the Mills Commission to support its finding that the game was of American origin. In 1908, it named Doubleday the creator of baseball. *Source Wikipedia

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