How Did I End Up Watching So Much News?

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, or when, but somehow my television was on the same cable news channel the entire day. I could tell you what time it was basically by seeing or hearing which news show was on my television.

I retired about a year and a half ago and somehow became a cable news junkie. I didn’t actually sit and watch tv all day, but I had the news on in the background as I went through my day.

In my later years as a teacher, I didn’t have much time for tv because after work I had family obligations and my schoolwork definitely became more complicated. In the evening, I would keep the news on in the background, but that wasn’t always the case though.

Over the years I remember watching sitcoms such as Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Roseanne and other shows faithfully. I also never missed Knots Landing, Cold Case, and Parenthood. These shows all ended and I discovered Mad Man, Desperate Housewives, and Rescue Me. I even delved into reality television watching American Idol, The Apprentice, and Chef Ramsey.

Somewhere along the way I couldn’t tell you the name of one primetime show and watching the Emmys would be futile. I didn’t know any channel I should turn to watch anything but the news.

Perhaps I got caught up in the election or politics in general… but now I’m over it and I want to watch anything but the news! I’m learning how to watch television again, but in new and very different ways for me.

I discovered that I can watch Law & Order SVU pretty much anytime of day. I’m definitely not a fan of daytime talk shows, dramas, or courtroom shows. (This may be how I started watching the news in the first place).

I still don’t really know anything to watch on basic cable, but have watched a few things on Netflix. Nurse Ratchet, American Horror Story, Dr. Foster to name a few.

I recently became interested in plant-based eating and watched a few informative documentaries such as Game Changers and What theHealth? This led me to explore more, and I now have an endless supply of documentaries on plant-based eating on Youtube. This takes many forms from documentaries, testimonials, Ted Talks etc. such as Forks Over Knives and Plant PureNation.

Now that we are heading into the winter, my second retired winter, I’m determined not to watch news all day. It’s fine to watch a little local news here and there, but now I’m watching a variety of genres mostly on Netflix and YouTube. SVUs too.

I’m also learning to just leave the tv off and not just have it on for the sake of having it on. I’m putting music on and also find myself just kind of singing or just enjoying the solitude. I’m no longer a cable news junkie!

I have a feeling if I was watching too much news, that there’s a whole group of people just like me. There’s a lot more out there than the 24/7 News Cycle!

Published by momrockzz

I am a newly retired NYC public school teacher blogging about her new life. I’m living a happy retirement life on Long Island - dog sitting, traveling, and experimenting with new endeavors.

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