Traveling During A Pandemic

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to St. Lucia with my husband. If you spend a lot of time watching the news, you may think we’re crazy, but it was extremely safe and we had a great time!

We were supposed to travel for the first time without kids in more than 25 years for our 30th anniversary in March to The Bahamas, but everyone knows that’s when everything started to turn bad.

That same trip was changed to later in the year to Antigua, then St. Thomas, and finally to Sandals in St. Lucia.

We had to fill out a Travel Authorization Form basically stating who we were and where we were staying. They approved our travel in a few days through an email. We had to print and travel with this form. We also had to get a PCR Covid test within 7 days of traveling and send the results via email. You must travel with this documentation too. To me these were the 2 most complicated things because they were different from previous travel experiences.

Well, due to the pandemic, on our travel day, everything was quick and easy. We were very happy to give our regular limo company for trips some business, and pulling up to the JetBlue terminal was easy. We had a short line to check in our luggage and security. The airport was setup with covid safety protocols throughout.

The flight was on time and boarding was quick and easy since the plane wasn’t full. We had a seat empty between us which was great for comfort and the convenience of not having to sit with a stranger.

We were number one to take off on the runway!

I guess the pilot was happy about all this because he sounded very pleasant as he made the usual announcements about travel time and weather. He was very funny! He welcomed us to The Escape From New York Flight! (Which it was, literally.)

The flight was really uneventful and when we landed you could get off the front or the back of the plane and head to a line where we had our temperature checked and showed our travel documentation and negative PCR tests. We were brandished with a paper bracelet that proved we went through this process. Customs was pretty routine and Sandals representatives were on standby to escort us to the waiting area for our shuttle. Temperature checks and hand sanitizing were mandatory throughout each checkpoint. Our shuttle driver even had his temperature checked.

We shared the shuttle with 2 other couples and we were spaced apart and were required to wear masks. It was a friendly ride and it was great to meet a couple that managed to finally go on their honeymoon. We met many young couples at the resort that were on their honeymoon. It’s nice to know people are still getting married these days!

Throughout our stay at Sandals we felt very comfortable. Everyone working there was required to wear a mask and we were prompted to use the available hand sanitizer often as we navigated the resort. Sun chairs and restaurant seating were all spaced apart. Most restaurants were open air restaurants which was just like doing outdoor dining at home.

Our room was cleaned thoroughly with an emphasis on touch points on a daily basis. We never felt at any point on the vacation that we were risking exposure to the virus, yet the resort was fun and included many of the usual amenities with proper precautions.

We went on one excursion horseback riding and all precautions were taken. They were very diligent and strict about enforcing mask wearing and use of hand sanitizer and hand washing. It was great to be on an excursion and everyone involved was more than willing to follow appropriate protocols.

Returning home was just the same with strict protocols at the airport and once again we were number one for takeoff on the runway!

I know it sounds scary to travel, but in my opinion life is short and fleeting, as I wrote in a previous blog, When should you travel? Any Chance you Get!

I will be traveling again in January because I’m a firm believer in living my life. At this point I have the knowledge of how to take precautions and keep safe, and the Caribbean does too. They are welcoming visitors and taking every step to make Travel safe and fun as it should be!

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I am a newly retired NYC public school teacher blogging about her new life. I’m living a happy retirement life on Long Island - dog sitting, traveling, and experimenting with new endeavors.

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