Where are all the Vegan and Plant-Based Options?

I recently changed my diet again. I’ve done almost every diet you can think of- Keto, South Beach, Scarsdale, Slim Fast etcetera etcetera, but I think I finally found the right diet for me.

I’m currently following a whole food plant-based diet (WFPD). A WFPD is a way of life, not a fad diet. On a WFPD diet you basically only eat whole food, unrefined plant-based foods, and minimize the use of oils. This means no meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy, like Vegan, but the WFPB diet emphasizes minimally processed foods.

I had mostly given up meat and milk years ago, but I was still eating lots of eggs and some cheese. I would have meat when dining out. Now I have given these foods up completely because my health numbers were changing, and changing for the worse. I was always the 110/70 blood pressure and cholesterol in the 160’s kind of person, but recent blood pressure checks were much higher and my cholesterol came in at a shocking 215!

I’ve always taken pride in not needing any kind of regular medication. The doctor started talking about taking a few months and checking again and perhaps putting me on meds. Well that was it for me. I had seen “Game Changers” and “To Your Health” on Netflix and I decided to give this plant-based eating a try. A few of my former coworkers had made the shift to Vegan so I did have some familiarity.

With lots of YouTube and other reading such as “How Not to Die”, I decided I fit more of the whole food plant-based diet profile since I really didn’t eat processed foods anyway, and I do wear leather and suede shoes and own lots of animal skin items.

With many recipes to download on the Internet and find on Instagram and Pinterest, I have had no problem finding ideas and recipes. I recently stepped up my dinner entrees and have been making WFPB desserts for my husband trying to get him to make the switch. When my health numbers came back much improved, I became living proof that this kind of diet can be healthy.

Everything is going well, but who wants to cook dinner every night? Going out to dinner is something we like to do at least once a week. We also like to get takeout too. On Long Island, you would think there would be tons of options, but there’s not.

I feel like restaurants are missing an opportunity here. They don’t have to become full blown Vegan or plant based, but there should be viable options on the menu. Going to most diners, I had difficulty finding many choices, and almost every recipe has eggs and cheese.

Mexican restaurants have burritos with vegetables, rice, and beans. Maybe a veggie fajita.

I found Nassau County, LI does have a few of the açaí bowl places, but they have been all take out. Recently we discovered Fuel Your Body Cafe in Hicksville where we got take out. My husband had the veggie chili and I had an açaí bowl. It was very good and we would definitely try it again, but my husband said it was really more like a take out place.

I’ve been doing some in depth research, similar to my hunt for plant-based recipes and there seems to be a few places around to check out. Core Life Eatery in Garden City and Healthy Boy Grill in Carle Place . Suffolk County has The Purple Elephant and Plant Wise. All these establishments tend to be low key kind of restaurants which will have to be the kind of places we learn to eat out at for now.

The day will come when the diners, grills, and more upscale restaurants begin to offer a large selection of vegan and plant-based options. Restaurants will have more and more customers requesting these options and the change will come.

Until then I’ll keep searching for the vegan and plant-based options near me.

Published by momrockzz

I am a newly retired NYC public school teacher blogging about her new life. I’m living a happy retirement life on Long Island - dog sitting, traveling, and experimenting with new endeavors.

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